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What you need to know about investing home equity

Your Home’s equity is the difference between your home’s value and how much you owe on the loan.  Taking a portion out to invest is a prudent decision.  Here is why…

Home Equity can be compared to crops of apples or lettuce. Unharvested equity grows rotten too! Accumulated equity cuts down your power of financial leverage. Remember that concept called velocity of money? You must keep your money moving and employed. Perform a cash-out refinance and harvest it out!

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You might best do this by purchasing income property with equity from your own home. When you do this, your equity is not lost — it is merely transferred. You’re able to leverage more property.

A paid-off home is an old-fashioned mindset.
Homes are meant to house families, not store cash! You acquire financial freedom and wealth in real estate by smartly leveraging to income-producing property tied to long-term fixed-interest-rate debt.


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