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Although all mortgage agents and brokers have access to virtually all of the ‘A’ lenders, I am different from most, mainly because I specialize in financing ‘B’ deals.

With almost 16 years in the real estate industry and years experience in the mortgage industry, I have been fortunate to have built a network of Private Lenders who provide me with ‘Unlimited Funds’ for Residential First and Second mortgages.

My Private Lenders will:
• Finance Residential First Mortgages up to $300,000 and Second Mortgages up to $200,000
• Will go up to 85% LTV in GTA and many other major centres throughout Ontario – 80% in other areas and 75% in rural Ontario
• Can close in 3 – 5 Business Days (if all documentation is received)
• Will accept Appraisals if done in past 30 days by an appraisal company on the Home Trust list of appraisers.
Send me the following documentation (in separate pdf attachments):
• Filogix application with credit bureau on each applicant
• Income verification (T4s, most current pay stub, NOAs past 2 years if self-employed, etc)
• Copy of the Appraisal report
• Copy of the most current mortgage statements
• Copy of the most current property tax statement
• If a purchase – Copy of Purchase and Sale Agreement, MLS listing and an amendment if past scheduled closing date on Purchase and Sale Agreement

If you want a quick consultation (for FREE) email us at: info@gtamtgexperts.com OR Call us at 416-473-9598

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