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No or Poor Credit History?

GTA Mortgage Experts

If you have no credit history

If you have no credit history, it is important to start building one by, for example, applying for a standard credit card with good interest rates and terms, making small purchases and paying them as soon as the bill comes in.

If you have a poor credit history

If you have poor credit, lenders might not be able to give you a mortgage loan. You will need to re-establish a good credit history by making debt payments regularly and on time. Most unfavourable credit information (including bankruptcy) drops off your credit file after seven years.

BUT we have access to alternate B lenders that will arrange your mortgage with poor credit. Whether you’ve been through bankruptcy or have collections.

Consider getting some credit counselling from our office if you are struggling with poor or no credit.
For a personalized solution, contact us at 905-306-7000 for a free consultation today!

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