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Debt is NOT Normal

It absolutely boggles our minds to see clients come into our office and explain their abnormal financial situations that seem normal to them. Paying your monthly mortgage payments, minimum interest on debts, car loan, and sometimes even a second mortgage is NOT normal.

Our definition of a normal financial state is to have your mortgage payments in which your interest payments are equal or less than your principle payments, little or NO debt, car loan payment, no loans against your home, decent savings, and enough equity in your home for emergency situations.


  • Speak to a professional Mortgage Broker
  • Get professional advice
  • Look into various options
  • Ensure you know what long term effects your decision will have on you

You can easily pay off your debts by speaking to our team, or we can give you advise that will help your financial situation improve.

Refinance is one option. It requires us to assess the equity in your home. Once assessed, we can determine how much you can use to pay off your debts and loans.


Remember, it is not normal for someone to be worrying about their debts. Your debts should not affect your health via stress. Call for more information today.



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