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New CMHC Premium Rates

  Standard Premium (OLD) Standard Premium (Effective May 1st, 2014) 15% Down Payment 1.75% 1.80% 10% Down Payment 2.00% 2.40% 5% Down Payment 2.75% 3.15%   Self Employed:   Old Premium Current Premium (Effective May 1st, 2014) 15% Down Payment 3.35%* 6.35% * 10% Down Payment 5.45%* 8.05% *   For any further questions or […]

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CMHC Changes: May 1 2014

As some of you are aware by now, CMHC has announced its discontinuation of 2 major products on Friday:1)    CMHC Second Home Financing 2)    CMHC Self-Employed Without Traditional Third Party Validation of Income   Please find below some very useful Questions and Answers from CMHC concerning their decision, and what it means. CMHC Discontinuation of Second Home Product Questions and Answers for Industry Partners1)    Does this […]

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Home Equity Loans up to 85% Loan to Value!!!

  Getting an Equity Loan couldn’t get any easier!Funds for Down Payment Spring Renovations Vacations Debt Consolidation Emergency Funds Tax/Mortgage Arrears NO Application NO Credit Check NO Income Verification INSTANT Approval Low & Affordable Payments: $10,000 @ $125/ month Loan to Value (LTV): Max 85% Interest Rate: Starting at 6.99%   To Inquire about an Equity Loan Email: info@gtamtgexperts.com […]

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Seem Familiar?

  SituationDown Payment 10% of $450,000 Purchase Employment Main applicant: employed full-time for the last 2 years in a Management occupation Co-applicant: student, not working Credit Main applicant: Weak Credit at a score of 577. Consumer’s Proposal discharged 2 years ago, no re-established on the bureau Co-applicant: No credit It’s really not that difficult, we […]

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What’s Better?

Paying $1,200 each month For $40,000 of credit card debts? OR Refinancing Your Mortgatge and paying $168.00 each month on the same $40,000? Hmm.. That is a savings of $12,381 per year in interest! Book your free consultation today! Call 905-306-7000

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Perfect Time to Refinance!

  Refinance Now Lower Rates 3.09% 5 YR Fixed Mortgage: $325,000 ——————— $1,382.56/Month Refinance Later Higher Rates 3.89% 5 YR Fixed Mortgage: $325,000 ——————— $1,732.55/Month That’s $4,199.88 a year that you will waste IN JUST INTEREST.. Call 905-306-7000 to avoid wasting your money and start enjoying your savings!

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Overcome Bad Credit with Good Credit?

This makes sense in the human world, but, remember, you are dealing with a computer in most cases! And the computer could care less about your good credit! It just adds up points to get a total score. So, even a little amount of bad credit can hurt your chances of getting an approval from […]

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Holiday Bills

As the holiday bills arrive, the RSP vendors gear up their annual pitch and tax-time looms there’s a little unsettling news in a recent survey by one of the country’s big banks. Nearly 20% of the people polled said they did not save any money last year. That seems like a lot but in 2012 […]

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Divorce & Separation Mortgage Experts

You’ll find it surprising that not many people know that they can stay in their home by purchasing from their spouse with as little as 5% down payment in the event of a divorce or separation. What’s needed? 5% Down Payment Requirement 5% of own resources (gifted equity allowed No Realtor cost incurred Purchase and […]

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