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Home Equity Loans up to 85% Loan to Value!!!

  Getting an Equity Loan couldn’t get any easier!Funds for Down Payment Spring Renovations Vacations Debt Consolidation Emergency Funds Tax/Mortgage Arrears NO Application NO Credit Check NO Income Verification INSTANT Approval Low & Affordable Payments: $10,000 @ $125/ month Loan to Value (LTV): Max 85% Interest Rate: Starting at 6.99%   To Inquire about an Equity Loan Email: info@gtamtgexperts.com […]

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Seem Familiar?

  SituationDown Payment 10% of $450,000 Purchase Employment Main applicant: employed full-time for the last 2 years in a Management occupation Co-applicant: student, not working Credit Main applicant: Weak Credit at a score of 577. Consumer’s Proposal discharged 2 years ago, no re-established on the bureau Co-applicant: No credit It’s really not that difficult, we […]

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What’s Better?

Paying $1,200 each month For $40,000 of credit card debts? OR Refinancing Your Mortgatge and paying $168.00 each month on the same $40,000? Hmm.. That is a savings of $12,381 per year in interest! Book your free consultation today! Call 905-306-7000

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Perfect Time to Refinance!

  Refinance Now Lower Rates 3.09% 5 YR Fixed Mortgage: $325,000 ——————— $1,382.56/Month Refinance Later Higher Rates 3.89% 5 YR Fixed Mortgage: $325,000 ——————— $1,732.55/Month That’s $4,199.88 a year that you will waste IN JUST INTEREST.. Call 905-306-7000 to avoid wasting your money and start enjoying your savings!

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Overcome Bad Credit with Good Credit?

This makes sense in the human world, but, remember, you are dealing with a computer in most cases! And the computer could care less about your good credit! It just adds up points to get a total score. So, even a little amount of bad credit can hurt your chances of getting an approval from […]

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Holiday Bills

As the holiday bills arrive, the RSP vendors gear up their annual pitch and tax-time looms there’s a little unsettling news in a recent survey by one of the country’s big banks. Nearly 20% of the people polled said they did not save any money last year. That seems like a lot but in 2012 […]

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Divorce & Separation Mortgage Experts

You’ll find it surprising that not many people know that they can stay in their home by purchasing from their spouse with as little as 5% down payment in the event of a divorce or separation. What’s needed? 5% Down Payment Requirement 5% of own resources (gifted equity allowed No Realtor cost incurred Purchase and […]

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Genworth Energy-Efficient Housing Program

Genworth Financial Canada, wants to help protect the environment and support consumers as they make environmentally friendly choices. Through their Energy-Efficient Housing Program, Canadians who purchase energy-efficient homes or renovate their existing home to energy-efficient standards will be eligible for significant premium savings when Genworth Insurance is obtained.   Click Here for more information on […]

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